It’s all about being hard on the outside

It’s all about being hard on the outside. If I just let myself appear strong and courageous more people will like me, and I will at least be of some use to people.

To be in a driven society, culture, or religion, we are often filled with what we think the ideals are. If we don’t even like ourselves why would anyone else? We look to the aspects of easy acceptance and so we embark on people-pleasing. We see how people compliment us, yet we still feel empty and sensitive. We do not like who we have become. Why are others more important and I feel so low?

People-pleasing is not acknowledging that others are more important than you, it is a dire need for acceptance and often driven by fear. To operate from looking within we begin to see and assess our belief systems. Irrespective of how your perspective is shaped, the hard exterior and putting yourself down is a symptom of how you see yourself. Break this destructive proclivity now! You are you, and if you want to be who others tell you to be then who will be you?

Rejection is nature, it will happen at some stage. Don’t be too frightened. You have been rejecting you for years.

Enough is enough.


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