Perception and Reality

Your perception is your reality.

Your perception is your reality , that does not mean that you living in reality so to speak. There may be various troubles and challenges that you are avoiding – Be it finance, gambling, deteriorating marriage, etc.

We draw focus to actions and consequences to illustrate shared meaning of what responsibility looks like. We know that our behaviour is ultimately going to shape an outcome. This could be good or bad, healthy or unhealthy. The choice is ours. I want you to think about enabling for a moment. How many of us have enabled or had enabling loved ones throughout our addictions? Enabling our loved ones just delays the consequences, and as the addiction progresses so does the toxic lifestyle. Criminals are born out of necessity , our loved ones may bail us out of jail or premature treatment termination. There is nothing wrong with being loved, and generally as a parent or a partner , it is normal to want to ease the pain and suffering of the afflicted. We have to know that the way to love the addict. It has to be different- to be cruel is not just to be kind as you are actually saving a life. There are channels to express that love. If you have enabled us as addicts for years, it is normal that we will only see it as easy manipulation when you show kindness. Does that mean we hate you? No? It is simply the nature of the beast.

Our perception that is our reality is then, if not treated, influenced by pain. Our automated response of avoidance and denial helps addiction take our life before it finally kills us.

No is a full sentence.

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