Perspective of Addiction as “normal”

We learn that recovery has little to do with substances. It is focused on building our belief system as well as challenging emotions, attitudes, and thoughts.

We challenge our inner framework to build relationships, spirituality, psychological wellbeing, etc. At times this is difficult for a number of reasons. Perhaps we are embarrassed about what happened to us when we were younger.
We may fill ourselves with pride to latch onto a culture to avoid the shame of how we manipulated those close to us. We may be so entrenched in denial that we identify with the label of an addict for all the wrong reasons. For example, we are powerless over our addiction therefore we should carry on with self-destructive behaviour. We may cling to addiction due to the fact that it is familiar, to escape the discomfort of our reality, and/or to be confident as people.
Why do we choose to engage in any behavior that will prove detrimental in the long run? Knowingly, we may welcome these because it is too painful to live any other way. Either or, the behavior causes a craving. You may have armed your thoughts with 100 more reasons to continue using. That is normal.

What is wrong with wanting to be confident, happy, joyful, loved, and/or accepted? Which human being does not want this? In a sense, it further reinforces addiction as being “normal”. It may not be easy to get help, but if you start you are already miles ahead of where you were yesterday.

It takes time to deal with pain. There is no quick fix, and definitely no blueprint or one-size-fits-all approach. Each person is unique, but the manifestation of any behavior you indulge in shares the same characteristics. Instead of the entitlement of being “special and different”, this is no excuse for victim mentality. Yes, you are a victim of your own volition – respectively speaking, and it is 100 percent your own responsibility for your healing process. There is no grey area around this. The sooner you can take ownership of this, the further you will get in your recovery.

Love yourself. Be kind to yourself. Share ideas. Change your perspectives. You are not indifferent, you are on a train called life, and none of us can say we know it all. Even the most skilled addiction professional cannot say that they know absolutely all there is to know. Our teachable spirit, experience, and applied knowledge help us give back to you.

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