Below are some Testimonials that we have received. 


An important realisation I had yesterday was that, it's absolutely OK to ask for help . In fact it's perfectly normal. And in moments of doubt, pick up the phone & consult someone. Asking for help has saved my life & my marriage. I now know how to respond to situations no matter the severity. And what it means to make "sober minded" decisions.


From being in a pretty hopeless position. NowWhat has helped me to find sobriety and change my life. I'm now achieving my personal and business goals. Thanks you for all the support


I’m over one year clean never thought I would be here and I have learnt to love myself more and more.


I love the way this programme is set out . I am learning a lot.


I have a genuine connection with my counsellor Clayton - I am comfortable confronting my struggles.


My work is not interrupted , I can continue with my day to day responsibilities, thank you nowWHAT

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