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It is difficult to be challenged and confronted at times. As long as you remember that is never a personal confrontation, remember, it is about the behavior that is destroying you and your family. We may say we care about those we love, but the addiction destroys those closest to us. The only disease that makes us believe we do not have it, and the only disease that takes our lives before it kills us.

Those who have experience in the rooms and sobriety know how to help and assist. There is a treasure golden revelation within each person’s walk.
If you attend meetings like Narcotics Anonymous, you listen to each person’s struggle and share.
There will always be something you can take out of the meeting. It is deeper than advice and as close as conviction – the groups are invaluable. At times you may feel that advice from our sponsors is made just for us. Remember even though you are different, addiction is the same – cunning, powerful, and baffling. We cannot live or fight addiction in isolation.

Today, we are grateful for those who willingly share their testimonies with us. For those who give back because their conviction is a testimony of what they have been through. More importantly, the freedom they now experience in recovery

If you feel it’s just advice, listen harder. It is not advice you seek, it is connection. The moment of revelation is the moment you accept the truth of behaviors associated with addiction. Your disease does not define you, but your proclivities could. Today we take a step back. Recognize the situation, talk about what is going on with us, relate and connect, and then act on the advice so prevalent to you. Even if you don’t see it at first, you will. Recovery is not an intellectual process, it si a complete change, practical development, and rewiring of neurological responses, etc.

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