The “Great” Façade – Take a look behind the mask

Take a look behind the mask. The mask we show the world. Obviously, each environment requires us to conduct ourselves accordingly, however, we tend to put on at times. We tell people that we are doing ok when we are falling apart. We sigh, we laugh, and we use victim mentality as a weapon to manipulate or seek attention. For whatever reason you hide, we could safely assume that it is uncomfortable and tiring.

You see, many people see behind the mask and facade. They know more about you than you think. Their views and frustration with you are crying out for the real you to “stand up”. If you are in addiction, believe me, people know. Do not starve them of authenticity. Social media allows us to pretend. In a circus of outfits and dramatic settings we show the world the right angles, the dreams we hope to achieve, and of course, the more attention we receive the further encouragement there is to live a lie.

“If you are defined by what you have, who are you when that is tainted or taken away?”

It is only when you hate the pretense you will change. What you tolerate, you will never change. Your life is defined by what you hate. Start to hate the deeds, actions, and behavior that destroys you – Dr. Myles Munroe

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