Who is Now What?


Managing Director


Certified Substance Abuse Counsellor and CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy)

Grateful recovering Addict

Having been blessed with the gift of recovery, Jason is enthusiastic about spreading the message of hope to all those suffering and even to those young enough to never need to suffer. His heart is to share the solution with the world in a simple and effective way.


In a day and age where we need to embrace the technological era, he has developed an online, remote solution that has worked for him and countless others for over 4 years. Recovery is not a journey taken alone, Jason has adopted this approach in his work ethic and has selected a team of passionate professional to work alongside him.


With great love in his heart and a deep empathy for those in pain, he strives tirelessly to serve as a productive and insightful member of society by reaching to those in need with both arms, always.


Program Manager and

Head Counsellor.


Addiction Counselling
Facebook Mastery and Digital Marketing
Applied Psychology Diploma
BappSocSci Degree
Certificate in People Management)

Grateful recovering Addict

With a heart for genuine connection in his therapeutic approach, he has a powerful and dynamic style to empowering his clients on their recovery journey.


Our heart is our greatest asset, so with education and tools, we are able to take responsibility for our own path.


After going through treatment for his own addiction and finding his new way of life, Shane has been dedicated to his personal development to better educate himself over the past 12 years to best serve those battling with addiction and mental health issues.


Shane is an amazing father, a wonderful friend and an incredible asset to his family and of course to the mission we have here.


Country Manager


Currently studying Addiction Counselling to further his personal development and life plan.

Grateful recovering Addict

Having walked his own path of recovery, Jean is passionate about ensuring that every addict find recovery and the gifts that come along with it.



Having battled the disease of addiction for over 15-years, Jean now finds himself a grateful recovering addict with the life experience to help others in their struggle with addiction.



His heart is to see others freed from the substances that both enslave and destroy so many lives. Jean specializes in interventions, accountability systems and providing emergency support to both addicts and family members of addicts.


‘I believe in what we as NowWhat have created, with regards to tools and support systems needed to see recovering addicts live healthy and product lives. We have an amazing team that are ready and able to help anyone who reaches out to us.’

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