Why Do We Get Addicted to Things?

07 May 2021

Think about an experience that makes you feel good. It could be successfully completing a project at work, eating a warm chocolate chip cookie or taking a swig of whiskey. It could be a puff of a cigarette or a shopping trip. A dose of Vicodin or a hit of heroin. Those experiences don’t automatically […]

Could You Be Hooked? Here are some surprising addictions.

05 May 2021

Smartphones You can’t quit it, can you? You keep it with you all the time and check it every few minutes. You work too much because you can’t turn it off on the weekend. You ignore the people you’re having dinner with to catch a text or a post from someone miles away. Get help […]

What is crack cocaine?

03 May 2021

Cocaine is a powerfully addicting drug of abuse that directly affects the brain.  The pure chemical, cocaine hydrochloride has been abused for over 100 years, in fact, coca leaves (the source of cocaine) have been consumed for 1000’s of years.  Cocaine is considered a class II drug which means that it has high potential for […]

Opportunity and Personal Responsibility

20 Apr 2021

Opportunity and Personal Responsibility Versus Excuses in Recovery You can either look for opportunities or you can make excuses for why you cannot grow. It takes some practice to see opportunities when you have been putting yourself down. The trick is to start somewhere. It does not matter how small the step, at least you […]

Thank you for the advice

12 Apr 2021

It is difficult to be challenged and confronted at times. As long as you remember that is never a personal confrontation, remember, it is about the behavior that is destroying you and your family. We may say we care about those we love, but the addiction destroys those closest to us. The only disease that […]

The “Great” Façade – Take a look behind the mask

07 Apr 2021

Take a look behind the mask. The mask we show the world. Obviously, each environment requires us to conduct ourselves accordingly, however, we tend to put on at times. We tell people that we are doing ok when we are falling apart. We sigh, we laugh, and we use victim mentality as a weapon to […]

Perspective of Addiction as “normal”

29 Mar 2021

We learn that recovery has little to do with substances. It is focused on building our belief system as well as challenging emotions, attitudes, and thoughts. We challenge our inner framework to build relationships, spirituality, psychological wellbeing, etc. At times this is difficult for a number of reasons. Perhaps we are embarrassed about what happened […]

Perception and Reality

18 Mar 2021

Your perception is your reality. Your perception is your reality , that does not mean that you living in reality so to speak. There may be various troubles and challenges that you are avoiding – Be it finance, gambling, deteriorating marriage, etc. We draw focus to actions and consequences to illustrate shared meaning of what […]

Divide and Conquer – in addiction

10 Mar 2021

It’s all about understanding the destruction of divide and conquer – in addiction, recovery, and mental health professions! Not only is this true in addiction but this is also evident in recovery and amongst mental health professions Addiction The disease of addiction is protected by an invisible wall known as denial. Every waking moment , […]

The cost of inaction is still an action

01 Mar 2021

The cost of inaction is still an action that bears consequences. In the last few months, it has been evident that families freeze we the ball is in their court. They get multiple professional recommendations but freeze due to fear of their loved ones “hating” them. Our best efforts in the past never seemed to […]

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