Divide and Conquer – in addiction

It’s all about understanding the destruction of divide and conquer – in addiction, recovery, and mental health professions!

Not only is this true in addiction but this is also evident in recovery and amongst mental health professions

The disease of addiction is protected by an invisible wall known as denial. Every waking moment , it’s art is perfected . The less you know about addiction or how to confront and deal with my addiction the better I become at staying where I am. All rationale is out the window. We even divide our minds by the truth by fixating what we are adamant to protect – consciously and subconsciously.

Recovery walk
As addiction evolves, the disease is in what we call “remission”. Our default mode of who and what we fight against is the connection or culture that is addiction, and the yearning to be free and live a life that is joyous. Whether we deny it or not this is a spiritual battle, and there is no physical cure for a spiritual malady. Denial can creep in areas of uncertainty such as low self-esteem and a shame based identity. In this moment denial attempts to divide and conquer our recovery. How? By making us rely on our own intellect and wisdom. Recovery is about others and ourselves. Recovery is built on pillars of support amongst many other life changing principles

Mental Health Professionals
It is time to pull together and not , in the unsaid, compete against each other whilst forgetting the heart of what we do – serve others.

We are happy and strive for connection as we have been able to do over the last few months with various treatment centres and mental health professionals across South Africa, United States of America, Thailand, and the United Kingdom. We are grateful . We want to be the change . We serve with power and believe and fight the good fight for those who are still suffering – together.


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