Your acceptance of me is all I am…

We all have a need to be loved and accepted. It is the very essence of human nature – what it means to be human. We rely on each other for our survival. We do not exist in a vacuum. 
We rely on each other for psychological, spiritual, and physical development. It is important to belong. 
The communication we have with any group/person identifies and defines the type of relationship we have with them. Communication consists of how we present ourselves, the tone of voice we use, our interaction with our world, and what we communicate about ourselves to others, etc.

“Your acceptance of me is all I am…”

Now, we probably won’t say this aloud, but all our behavior points to how we live off of the need to be accepted and loved. Is there a problem with communication? Is there a problem with the groups we belong to? Is it not perhaps, that all of the experiences we have had to date have shaped the way we interact with ourselves and others? Do you feel like you get high off of approval? 
Please do not feel guilty, this is too common, and some are better at hiding this reality than others. If your need has become neurotic, this is the time for you to engage to get you to a healthy state of balance and coping.
The neurotic need to be loved and accepted speaks to people going to any extent to receive that approval. Yes, this includes people-pleasing, toxic behavior, abuse, neglect, etc. My intention may have been to receive love and approval, but the consequences of undealt with pain do more damage than good.

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